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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy)

Our Story

Positive Behavior Services, Inc. has been serving the Autism Community in South Florida since 2012. Founded by Behavior Analysts in 2012, our vision has remained the same, if you provide high quality training and support to your staff, you get high quality results. Seven years later, we remain laser focused on executing our vision. We ensure all our ABA professionals are given the training and support they need so they can give their best to the families they serve. Remaining true to our founding principles has enabled us to be a leader in the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis Services in Florida and Georgia.

Our Services

Positive Behavior Services, Inc. is owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts so you can guarantee we only provide scientifically backed interventions and strategies. We are focused on positive client outcomes not our bottom line!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy)
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy)

Positive Behavior Services

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At Positive Behavior Services, our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients and their families by using scientifically proven methods in applied behavior analysis for the purpose of achieving the treatment goals that will help our clients reach their fullest potential. We provide high-quality ABA to all the families we serve. We serve children and adolescents from 3 to 21 years of age where we provide an array of services including behavior reduction, skill acquisition, social skills, communication, language development, daily living skills and parental support. We provide ABA therapy in the home and community settings. We accept a variety of insurances including Florida and Georgia Medicaid, Humana Military (Tricare), Aetna, Blue Crosse Blue Shied (Anthem), Wellcare, Amerigroup, Caresource, Peach State, Compyche and Magellan.