ABA Therapy, Tips for parents

Summer Fun: Including ABA Techniques into Activities and Vacation

Summer break is around the corner and it usually is an exciting time, but for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or ADHD, the change in routine can be challenging. Including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques into summer activities and vacations can prevent regression and sustain progress and make therapy engaging and enjoyable. In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways to infuse ABA principles into summer fun, including summer camps, sensory-friendly activities, and more.


The Benefits of Incorporating ABA Therapy into Summer Activities

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based approach that can be seamlessly integrated into summer fun. By blending therapeutic techniques with engaging activities, you can:

  • Reinforce skills learned during the school year
  • Foster social skill development
  • Promote communication and language skills
  • Address sensory needs and self-regulation


    Choosing the Right Summer Camps:

  • Look for summer camps that offer ABA-informed programs or are inclusive and accommodating to children with special needs.
  • Prioritize camps with trained staff who understand ABA principles and can implement individualized strategies.
  • Ensure the camp environment supports sensory needs and provides opportunities for social skills development.
  • Small group settings for optimal support and socialization

Sensory-Friendly Outdoor Adventures:

  • Plan outdoor activities like nature walks, picnics, and scavenger hunts (visual, auditory, and tactile input)
  • Incorporate sensory elements such as sand and water play, swinging, or gardening to stimulate different senses. (tactile and auditory input)
  • Use these outings as opportunities to practice social skills, communication, and self-regulation techniques in natural settings.


Vacationing with ABA in Mind

  1. Family vacations can be both exciting and challenging for kids with autism. Here are some tips for incorporating ABA techniques:
  • Maintain routines as much as possible (e.g., bedtimes, mealtimes)
  • Use visual schedules and social stories to prepare for new experiences
  • Pack familiar toys, books, and comfort items
  • Reinforce desired behaviors with praise and rewards
  • Seek out sensory-friendly attractions and accommodations

Community Engagement and Peer Interaction:

  • Seek out inclusive community events, workshops, or support groups where children can interact with peers in supportive environments.
  • Encourage participation in team sports, drama clubs, or hobby groups to develop social skills and expand interests.
  • Provide opportunities for children to practice communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution with peers.



By including ABA techniques with summer activities and vacations, you can ensure that therapy remains an integral part of their child’s summer experience. Whether it’s attending inclusive camps, enjoying sensory-friendly outings, or incorporating therapeutic elements into everyday routines, the summer can be a time of growth, fun, and meaningful connections for children with autism, ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders.