Jul 2 2021

Qualities to Consider When Looking for an ABA Therapist

"Autism is not a disability. It's a different ability." Are you a parent looking for an ABA therapist Miami for your child, and then you might be asking yourself what qualities to look for in one? That's what is comprehensible: acquiring the right ABA therapist can positively impact your daughter or son.

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Posted by: Alejandro Hernandez BCBA

“Autism is not a disability. It’s a different ability.” Are you a parent looking for an ABA therapist Miami for your child, and then you might be asking yourself what qualities to look for in one? That’s what is comprehensible: acquiring the right ABA therapist can positively impact your daughter or son.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is extensively applied and tested among all the treatments for autism disorder.

You may not know the qualifies of a good ABA therapist Miami, mainly if it’s the first time with ABA therapy Miami. To help first-timers in this article, we will discuss what qualities to look for in a good ABA therapist Miami.

What is ABA Therapy Miami?

You may have come across many guides explaining what ABA Therapy is. Therefore, this section will be brief. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a special treatment that people with Autism undergo. This therapy’s primary focus is to improve behaviors and some skills like communication, domestic activities, and social skills.

How the process works:
• The therapist spots a needed skill.
• As your kid engages in the appropriate behavior or desired skill, they are introduced to strengthening items.
• The strengthening process will encourage the kid to engage in the target skill more.

How is ABA Therapy Delivered?

ABA Therapy should be administered by BCBA or Board Certified Behavior Analyst. A BCBA is not the same as a physician; however, the qualification and training requirements are essential and comprise of:
• A Ph.D. or Masters in behavior analysis, psychology, or education
• Be in a position to pass a certified national exam.
• In individual states, one should seek a state license.

A BCBA comes up with a treatment plan then works with an RBT or Registered Behavior Technician to deliver the therapy.
During your child’s therapy, you will be working with two people. The BCBA, who comes up with the treatment plan, supervises and monitors the behavior; and the technician delivering the therapy to the kid. Below are some qualities to look for before hiring an ABA therapist Miami.

What’s the therapist’s previous experience?

As aforementioned, all ABA therapists have undergone rigorous training and qualification. Therefore, the critical factor to consider is the previous experience. Please find out how long the therapist has worked and the number of families they have helped so far. Inquire about the academic background of the ABA therapist Miami as well.

The personality of the ABA therapist

Personality is an excellent factor when looking for a therapist for your child. They ought to be engaging and fun and form a close bond with your child. Patience is an essential factor in a great ABA therapist. As a parent, you should be confident that the ABA therapist will not lose their temper despite the challenges in behavior adjustments.

How personalized is the treatment plan?

The personalization level in the treatment plan developed by BCBA is fundamental. It’s advisable to avoid ABA therapists who take shortcuts to deliver a treatment plan. The treatment plan should be detailed to meet your kid’s needs. Thus, it should be prepared once the assessment process is over.

It’s also essential if the treatment plan addresses the root cause of any character traits. For instance, a behavior issue may be traced back to birth time. However, it’s the ABA therapist to identify what may be triggering the behavior rather than focus on the behavior alone.

How many RBTS/Behavior technicians does the ABA supervise, and what is the supervision process?

Strict rules govern the RBTS supervision process by BCBAs. It would be best to inquire about how many RBTS your ABA supervises and how the monthly supervision procedure looks.

How does the ABA Therapist Miami collect and use data?

ABA therapy Miami is based on scientific rules and principles. The use of data and collection is vital to optimizing treatment and monitoring child progress continuously. Ask your ABA therapist Miami what theory is used to measure your child’s progress and how it is updated and presented. If your ABA therapist uses standard measures like commenting on your kid’s general behavior, you should do away with his/her services.

Eventually, data should be used to monitor and track all child’s behavior goals carefully. The process allows sound mind decisions on future modifications and changes to your child treatment plan, ensuring it meets all your child’s needs.

How are they managing your expectations?

You will be anxious about the results to expect and how long the whole process will take. Every child is unique in one way or another; therefore, it’s hard for ABA therapists to give the entire process’s specific duration at the beginning of the ABA. ABA therapists will be setting unrealistic expectations if he/she commits to a particular period and makes big promises.

Ask for a trial period.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kid receives the best ABA therapy available. It’s advisable to ask for a trial period before fully committing to any ABA therapist.

During the trial period, observe how well the service provider interacts with your kid and if there is a positive and relaxed relationship being formed. It is noteworthy that modern ABA therapeutic procedures do not use punishment as a way to correct current behaviors. As a parent, it’s upon you to monitor how your ABA therapist manages challenging behavior situations with your kid.

Eventually, you have to be satisfied with your chosen ABA therapist; if you are not comfortable with your therapist, you have no other option than to look for another one.

Bottom Line

Are you interested in ABA professional therapy? We believe that you know what to do with the insights from our posts. Remember that you play a significant role in choosing the right ABA therapist to administer ABA therapy to your child. Hire an ABA therapist who will meet your expectations and those of your child. Positive Behavior Services is here to help. Contact us today with any questions you may have and find your path the healing.


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