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Parental Support

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Parental Support Services

We understand the process can be overwhelming for families. From the moment your child is given a diagnosis of Autism and uncertainty of what lies ahead, you can be assured that we are by your side through this process. That is why we have created a monthly parenting webinar series where families can get answers and resources that are ABA related.

Our Webinar series will cover how to access ABA services in your area, how to find programs that help you pay for ABA therapy, how to choose an ABA provider, what documents and evaluations are needed to access ABA therapy, what other services should your child be receiving, how to ensure your child’s school is supporting your child’s needs, practical ABA strategies that you can utilize to help your child and more.

Please join us every month or download pre-recorded meeting. To sign up or access videos, please visit our Resources page.



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