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Positive Behavior Services

Personalized ABA Services

Positive Behavior Services Inc. is a provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA.) dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve. Positive Behavior Services Inc. is owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analyst’s; therefore, you can assure we only incorporate scientifically backed ABA strategies and interventions in our practice to promote continuous and meaningful progress. Our programs are individually tailored to each child in order decrease disruptive behaviors and increase appropriate behavior. Our individualized programs are designed to provide the parents and those involved in the child’s life the skills the necessary skills to promote a better a quality of life.

Our programs target 10-40 hours per week depending on the individual needs of each. We provide services in home, school and community. Positive Behavior Services Inc. is proud of its commitment to providing support, training and guidance to its behavior analysts and Registered behavior Technicians in order to provide to quality services to our families.



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